Pet Grooming on a regular basis is beneficial in a number of ways. Not only to keep your companion looking great but feeling his/her best.

All animals naturally and inherently enjoy being clean and free from uncomfortable matting, long nails, vision restrictions etc.

Performing regular grooming maintenance helps prevent skin problems, parasites, excessive shedding, unpleasant odors etc. But just as important is the bonding, trust, and intimacy instilled.

Your pet will feel more relaxed and you should feel more in control of overall physical & mental condition of your four legged friend.


Your companion will profit from being brushed on a regular basis. If your dog or cat has a longer coat, it can be thought of as a preventative maintenance. It cuts down on shedding, prevents matting, and should be performed with a motherly approach.

The type of brush you should use will depend on the breed of dog or cat and the condition of his/her coat at the time. We here at Rondivills will be happy to advise you on this matter

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We here at Rondvills kennels recommend that bathing should be started at a young age. Be sure to use non toxic pet friendly shampoo. Do not use dog shampoo on cats! Bathing should be performed according to your pet’s activity, coat condition, and the amount of time it spends outdoors. Start by placing your pet on a non-slip surface and talk soothingly to him/her.

The water should be warm and the experience pleasant. Work from the top down, making sure you cover the eyes and ears when shampooing the head to keep soap and water from getting into these sensitive areas. Massage your dog thoroughly with a rubber bathing brush or your fingers, working the soap through the coat down to the skin. When rinsing be sure to remove all traces of soap! If necessary lather and rinse again.

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