Pet grooming
Pet grooming

Richmond Pet Grooming

Pet Grooming allows for your pet to look and feel their best! At Rondivills Kennels in Richmond, we offer complete pet grooming services for all sizes and breeds.Our large facility coupled with our highly skilled pet groomers, we are able to serve our customers grooming preferences. We know a trip to the groomers can be a stressful experience for some or the highlight of the week for many. Either way we assure that every dog and cat at Rondivills Kennels in Richmond get individual and patient service to ensure they remember the groomers as a positive experience.

-Pet grooming in Richmond & Vancouver
-Expert groomer
-Pet Grooming available 7 days a week
-One on one personal no assembly line treatment
-Our groomers are patient & great with puppies
-Affordable pricing
-Bring your dog for a day of daycare & add a groom
-Add a grooming package for your dog while they board with us.

Pet Grooming
Pet Grooming
Pet grooming

The Pet Grooming Process

Quality Shampoo – Using shampoos that are gentle yet cleansing to help remove dirt , oils & dander
Complete Brushout – To remove undercoat, we will do a careful comb through to help prevent excessive shedding and detect any hidden matting.
Tidy overgrown areas – Around ears , face , pants , paws. We will trim down all overgrown areas on
your dog.
Variety of Haircuts – From full service haircuts to utility clips to breed standard cuts. We can groom your dogs hair to whatever look you’re interested in.

We recommend a pet grooming appointment every 4-6 weeks,varying on the coat and
breed of your pet. To ensure a fast easy service , grooming appointments are required!
Call our team today to learn more about our rates and book an appointment!